Low Country Legends


The one that started it all! Brutus was our very first bulldog. A Christmas present from Santa for our children, quickly turned into a best friend and a need for a house full of bulldogs. We sadly lost Brutus in 2017. There will never be another best friends like Brutus was. He will forever be our heart dog.


Zoey was born in 2014 and is a chocolate tri. She is our protective mama! Zoey thinks she is a Labrador because she adores the water and anything pertaining to the outside. She has given us some of our favorite puppies. Momma Zoey was retired in 2019 and now spends her days watching Netflix with us on the couch!


Our main man! Benny is our lilac tri stud. We fell in love with Benny when we first saw him as a puppy in 2015. He was quite possibly the cutest puppy we had ever seen. He is now a part of our breeding program and has sired some stunning puppies. He is the sire to our Tater! He is open for stud to select females; His stud fee is $3,500 or 2nd pick of litter to approved females.


Juno was our very first momma here at Low Country English Bulldogs. She has given us beautiful babies and so many memories. We sadly lost Juno in 2019. She left a lasting impression on us and her memory will forever live on here! Tater is Juno’s first daughter ♥️


Tater was born in 2016 and is a lilac tri. She is from our very first litter and holds a special place in our hearts. She has no idea that she is not a lap dog and has a personality much like her momma, Juno. We hope to add her to our breeding program in 2018.


Ginger was born in 2017 and is sable colored. Ginger does not have an “off” button. She is lovingly named “The Energizer Bully.” As the first bulldog in our standard line, we have some special things planned for her in late 2018.


Gus is the newest addition to our stud lineup. He is a black seal triple carrier Benny son. He was born in 2017 and is quickly making a name for himself! He reminds us of a big teddy bear!


Butter is a beautiful lilac fawn sweetheart! She was born in 2017 and is our newest momma bear! Butter loves to play fetch and can outlast most of the Low Country bunch!


One of our newest momma bears! We absolutely adore her and her energetic personality!


This picture perfectly depicts her. Tootsie is a busy body that gets into everything. We have some special pairings planned for her this year!


Our newest addition! She is growing a mile a minute and we love her to pieces! Watch out for 2020 pairings with this beauty!


Dozer and Tater’s son! Our newest addition to our stud team! We can not wait to watch him grow!


Dozer was a special dog that we lost in 2019. He will forever hold a huge piece of our hearts. We are so incredibly lucky to have a piece of him still in his son!


Bubbles is a beautiful black tri triple carrier Benny daughter. Her mother is a beautiful standard that has champions in her lines. We hope to add some color to her champion structure in 2020!


Cadbury, AKA Eggo is a Benny and Butter daughter. She’s a beautiful lilac fawn, just like her momma. We absolutely adore Butter and Benny, so we knew keeping from their pairing was imperative. Watch our for her to do big things in 2021!


AJ is a stunning lilac and tan! She is best described as a gentle giant. She has no idea she’s a big girl, as she’ll sit in your lap for hours!