1. Do you have puppies available?

a. We have puppies available most months. Check our Low Country Litters page for availability

2. Do you health test?

a. Yes, we health test all our breeding animals.

3. Do you ship puppies?

a. Yes, we have an outside service available that will transport your puppy with a reliable puppy nanny. They fly in cabin to you. This is available at an extra cost.

4. Do you offer stud services?

a. Yes, check out our available studs on our Low Country Legends page.

5. How do I inquire about puppies?

a. You can send us an email through our website, or contact us via telephone or messenger through Facebook.

6. How do you accept payment?

a. We accept PayPal as well as bank transfers.

7. Do you offer a health guarantee?

a. Yes, you can view it on our Health Guarantee page.

8. How often do you have puppies?

a. WE have puppies available almost monthly.

9. Do you allow people to come see puppies?

a. We do not allow people on our premises for safety and insurance reasons, but we will skype / facetime with anyone and will meet up to see puppies if possible.

10. How do we know the dam / sire to the puppy I’m interested in?

a. Check out our Low Country Litters page.

11. Can you explain what the DNA means?

a. Check out our Genetics / DNA page. If you have further questions please contact us via email.